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Should I Install Wood or Carpet on my Stairs?

Choosing a type of flooring for a set of stairs can be a difficult choice. Often, we want the
flooring on the floors of our house to match, but it is considered more acceptable for stairs to be a different material. That leaves us with the question, should I install wood flooring or carpet on my stairs?
Wood flooring can give your home a modern feel, but it can also cause some safety concerns.
Wood stairs can be slippery and if you happen to fall, there is no cushion to support you. Carpet
will provide more traction and a softer landing if someone should trip and fall. This is definitely
something to consider if you have young children or elderly ones living in the home. Wood
stairs can be loud, there isn’t much sound absorption. On the other hand, carpet is great at
absorbing sounds. This would be something to think about, especially if your family is large and
many people (children) will be running up and down the stairs on a constant basis.
Wood flooring on stairs is certainly easier to clean than carpet. A quick sweep and mop is all it
takes. Carpet will require a bit more attention, especially if it is a high traffic zone. Oftentimes a
good quality vacuum is needed. Spot cleaning the carpet on your stairs is inevitable. We
always recommend hiring a professional to come in at least twice a year for a good deep clean
of the carpet on your stairs.
Installing new wood on your stairs will usually cost more than installing carpet. If you have older
wood, consider refinishing it, as this should save you money. As a general rule, carpet is
cheaper than wood, but do your research and have a reputable installer come and lay it for you.
A good installer, along with a good maintenance plan will extend the life of your carpet.
There are several factors to consider when deciding on wood or carpet for your stairs. Each
home and each family is different. Whatever choice you make, we hope it is the right one to fit
your family’s needs and lifestyle.

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