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Keep Your Hardwood Floors Beautiful

Hardwood floors look gorgeous in any home. Whether you are putting down new hardwood
floors or refinishing old floors, you are sure to end up with a beautiful look. Hardwood floors are
a classic, quality flooring that will stand the test of time. How do you keep your floors looking
beautiful throughout time? We will share a few things we have learned to help keep your floors
looking beautiful through the years.
With foot traffic and moving furniture, your floors can be easily scratched. To prevent this, use
rugs in your high traffic areas. Rugs protect and beautify! If you are moving furniture, it is a
good idea to use felt pads on the legs of chairs and other furniture. These ideas will help, but
life happens, and so do scratches. If a scratch does occur, a quick fix option would be a scratch
repair pen. Just pick the color that matches your stain and you can cover that scratch in an
If not done properly, cleaning can diminish the beauty of your floors. Too much water can warp
it. Vinegar is a wonderful disinfectant, but it is acidic and can eat away your finish. A neutral
cleaner would work best. Couple it with a microfiber mop to get a clean and shiny floor. Before,
and in between mopping, using a vacuum with a hard floor setting is a great way to pick up dirt,
dust and debris without scratching your floor.
One more potential issue to look out for is sunlight. Direct sunlight on your floors can fade the
color over the years. Utilize shades and window treatments to protect them.
Hardwood floors are a quality investment for your home. An investment worth protecting.
Incorporating some of these tips in your floor care routine will hopefully help to keep your
hardwood floors beautiful for years to come.

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