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Low Cost Bathroom Floor Update

When updating your home, bathrooms are one of the most recommended rooms to update to
add monetary value to your home. Updating your bathroom also just makes you feel better
about being in that space, a space we use everyday, multiple times a day. When it comes to
flooring, replacing your bathroom floor can be pricey. If you are not quite ready for that kind of
investment, we have put together a few ideas to update the floor you already have.

If you already have hardwood floors but it is looking worn or outdated, you can simply paint it!
Painting your hardwood hides imperfections like dents and gouges. It will transform that rough,
worn floor into a more finished looking floor. Make sure you choose a paint specifically for
hardwood floors. You can choose any color that matches your new scheme. Finish it off with a
top coat/sealer to protect it and keep it beautiful for years to come.

Maybe you have an outdated tile floor. You can paint that too! A fresh, new color is an instant
update. You can also create the sophisticated look of designer tile through stenciling. If you go
with stenciling, make sure you have already freshly painted your tile and finished off with a top
coat. Once it dries, then you are ready to stencil. It is a good idea to add another top coat after
stenciling to keep your design scratch free and beautiful.

When you are improving and updating your home, the expanses really add up. New flooring is
generally one of the most expensive updates. These low cost ways to update your already
existing floor will save you tons of money, not only on materials but also on hired labor. We
hope these ideas help you with your bathroom floor update!

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