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How To Clean Dirty Tile Grout

Tile is a durable, long-lasting and sturdy floor. However, as time passes those grout lines get
dirty and stained. No matter how often you mop your floors, if you neglect the grout lines they
become discolored and dingy looking. With a little extra attention and elbow grease, your grout
lines can be looking fresh and clean again. There are a number of avenues to clean your grout,
we will mention a few that might work for you.
It is always a good idea to try a gentle method first. Mix a solution of water and dish soap in a
spray bottle, spray the grout lines thoroughly and scrub with a stiff bristle brush. Wipe the suds
with a clean, damp cloth for a fresh, clean look.
For more stubborn grout stains, you may want to use hot water, a scouring powder such as
Comet or Bar Keepers Friend, and a stiff bristle brush. After you scrub, rinse well with water.
This method works especially well on dirt and soap scum.
Commercial tile and grout cleaners may do the trick with a little less elbow grease. Generally,
you would just spray, wait and wipe. Be sure to follow the product’s listed directions for best
If you prefer to clean without chemicals, you might want to try a steam cleaner. You can
purchase or rent a steam cleaner with a grout brush attachment. Simply fill with clean water, set
it to steam and follow any other manufacturer’s directions. Work in small sections at a time.
After scrubbing and steaming, wipe the area with a clean damp cloth to prevent the dirty water
from settling back into the grout.
You can prevent the build up of grime by regularly cleaning your grout lines. One tip is to wipe
the grout once a week with a little rubbing alcohol, which cleans and kills bacteria.
Clean and bright grout can make your whole floor look new and fresh. Hopefully one of these
cleaning methods will be right for you to clean your dirty tile grout.

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