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Proper Care of an Antique Rug

An antique rug needs periodic care to assure lasting beauty and value. By taking a few simple precautions, your older carpet, whether it’s a decades-old vintage rug or a century-old antique carpet, can be preserved in good floor condition to be handed down to the next generation. Here are some helpful tips and techniques to help you […]

3 Things To Make Your Carpet Last a Lifetime

Everyone loves their carpeting when it’s new, but as it gets older and shabbier, we tend to ignore and even scorn it. So what can you do to stay in love with your carpeting? Here are three things that will help make your carpet last longer and keep the love alive: Stay ahead of the […]

Spring Is Here, Get Out the Dirt

Duraclean Carpet Cleaning Before and After

While springtime always seems to come late to New England, it’s finally here, and that means it’s time to get to spring cleaning. Carpets and upholstery such as sofas and chairs have all gathered dust and dirt from months of winter use, so now it’s time to get the dirt out. The benefits of clean […]